Fashion Sales Promotion: The Selling Behind the Selling, 2nd edition

  • Pamela M Phillips

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In this Second Edition, Phillips attempts to—(1) demystify the field of fashion sales promotion, (2) introduce readers to each piece of the promotions puzzle, and (3) demonstrate how these pieces fit together—all toward the ultimate goal of giving readers the ability to apply the skills they've learned. KEY TOPICS: The book reflects the latest developments in fashion sales promotion, including CD-ROM technology, selling over the Internet, and the overall increase of supplier and media art support. The author conveys concepts in a clear, concise writing style designed to be easily accessible to both the student of the fashion industry and the entrepreneur in the field.

Table of contents

 1. The Selling Game.

 2. Marketing.

 3. Retail Sales Promotion.

 4. The Advertising Department.

 5. Types of Retail Advertising.

 6. More About Co-Op Advertising.

 7. What is a Good Ad?

 8. The Buyer and the Ad.

 9. Newspapers: The Number-One Ad Medium.

10. Broadcast Advertising: Radio.

11. Broadcast Advertising: Television.

12. Other Advertising Methods.

13. Visual Merchandising: Another Dimension.

14. Special Events.

15. Publicity: A Different Drummer.

16. The Last Link.




Published by Pearson (December 14th 1995) - Copyright © 1996