Financial Times Guide to How the Stock Market Really Works, 5th edition

  • Leo Gough

Financial Times Guide to How the Stock Market Really Works

ISBN-13:  9780273743552

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The Financial Times Guide to How the Stock Market Really Works is an introduction to the complex world of the financial markets. Whether you are new to investing, or already have a share portfolio, this is an intelligent guidebook will guide you safely through the often confusing world of investing. Written especially for the ordinary investor, it will provide you with the key strategies you need to make money on the stock market.

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Table of contents




Chapter 1 The ‘guerrilla investor’

Chapter 2. Shares

Chapter 3. Bonds

Chapter 4. Assessing companies - issues and opportunities

Chapter 5. Investment theories and strategies 

Chapter 6. Foreign exchange

Chapter 7. Derivatives

Chapter 8. Fraud and sharp practice

Chapter 9. Overseas investment

Chapter 10. Investing in other asset classes

Chapter 11.Thinking about retirement

Chapter 12. UK taxation

Chapter 13.An overview of the financial crisis

Chapter 14. Making investing part of your life

Appendix 1 – A little financial maths

Appendix 2 – Compound interest table

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Published by FT Press (August 18th 2011) - Copyright © 2011