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Found Theology: History, Imagination and the Holy Spirit, 1st edition

  • Ben Quash
Found Theology: History, Imagination and the Holy Spirit

ISBN-13:  9780567517920


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Found Theology is a book about how theology deals with newly-encountered (of 'found') material in time, and about the role of imagination in these encounters. The book is unusual and ground-breaking exercise in the interdisciplinary discussion of theology and the arts. Ben Quash brings together elements of doctrine, scripture, the fine arts and the experiences of everyday life. He looks closely at Christian artistic traditions via a number of case studies that represent a rich source of examples of the way that the new times properly stimulate new expressions of known and loved things. Quash engages closely with some serious and prominent American scholars, namely Peter Ochs, Daniel W. Hardy, C.S. Peirce and David H. Kelsey.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements Preface 1. Historical Finding PART I2. 'I Will Happen As I Will Happen' (Exodus 3:14) 3. Maculation PART II 4. 'In My Flesh I Shall See God' (Job 19:26) 5. Reception PART III 6. 'Truly the LORD Is in This Place and I Did Not Know It' 7. Abduction PART IV 8. Vertiginous At-Homeness (In)conclusion Bibliography Index

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