Foundation Design: Principles and Practices, 3rd edition

  • Donald P. Coduto
  • William A. Kitch
  • Manchu Ronald Yeung

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For graduate and undergraduate courses in Foundation Engineering


Understanding and Practicing Foundation Design Principles

Foundation Design: Principles and Practices includes the most noteworthy research and advancements in Foundation Engineering. Following a systematic approach of identifying major concepts followed by strategic analysis and design, the Third Edition teaches readers not only how to understand foundation engineering, but to apply it to real problems. The highly up-to-date material places great emphasis on limit state design and includes a new focus on load and resistance factor design in both the structural and geotechnical aspects of the process.

Table of contents

PART A – General Principles

1. Foundations

2. Uncertainty and Risk in Foundation Design

3. Soil Mechanics

4. Subsurface Investigation and Characterization

5. Performance Requirements


PART B – Shallow Foundation Analysis and Design

6. Shallow Foundations

7. Spread Footings—Geotechnical Ultimate Limit States

8. Spread Footings—Geotechnical Serviceability Limit States

9. Spread Footings—Geotechnical Design

10. Spread Footings—Structural Design

11. Mats


PART C – Deep Foundation Analysis and Design

12. Deep Foundation Systems and Construction Methods

13. Piles—Load Transfer and Limit States

14. Piles—Axial Load Capacity Based on Static Load Tests

15. Driven Piles—Axial Load Capacity Based on Static Analysis Methods

16. Drilled Shafts—Axial Load Capacity Based on Static Analysis Methods

17. Auger Piles—Axial Load Capacity Based on Static Analysis Methods

18. Other Pile Types—Axial Load Capacity

19. Deep Foundations—Axial Load Capacity Based on Dynamic Methods

20. Piles—Serviceability Limit States

21. Piles—Structural Design

22. Laterally Loaded Piles

23. Piles—The Design Process

24. Pile Supported and Pile Enhanced Mats


PART D – Special Topics

25. Foundations in Rocks and Intermediate Geomaterials

26. Ground Improvement

27. Foundations on Expansive Soils

28. Foundations on Collapsible Soils


Appendix A—Units and Conversion Factors

Appendix B—Probability Tables



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