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Foundations of Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education, 1st edition

  • Effie P. Kritikos
  • Phyllis L. LeDosquet
  • Mark Melton

Published by Pearson (July 7th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

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Foundations of Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132999854

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Table of contents

Assessing the Needs of Young Children in Early Childhood Special Education:

A Focus on Best Practices for Effective Intervention and Development



Part I              Foundations of Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education


Chapter One: Introduction to Children with Special Needs

History of Early Childhood Special Education

History of Assessment

Overview of Text

        Part I: Foundations of Assessment in ECSE

        Part II: Assessment Approaches and Considerations

        Part III: Developmental Domains

Using the Text



Chapter Two:  Legal Issues

Chapter Objectives

Assessing Huan

History of Legislation

        The Public Law (P.L. 94-142)                                                     

Breakpoint Practice

The Individual with Disabilities Education Act

        Structure of the IDEA

        Part B Services                                                 

        Part C Services                                                 

Breakpoint Practice

Key Provisions of Part C Services

        Interagency Coordinating Councils

        Assessment and Eligibility

        Natural Environments

        Individualized Family Service Plan

Breakpoint Practice

No Child Left Behind and IDEIA

Early Childhood Special Education Assessment and Legal Trends

Breakpoint Practice

Revisiting Huan



Key Terms



Chapter Three:  Family Diversity and Assess

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