Foundations of Early Childhood Education: Learning Environments and Childcare in Canada, 1st edition

  • Beverlie Dietze

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This text offers comprehensive coverage with a unique focus on learning environments--specifically, how the child's physical environment, the people the child interacts with, and the experiences the child has are all key to fostering the child’s ability to adapt and learn.Through a variety of practical examples and exercises, students develop strategies for creating responsive learning communities for children and families.

Table of contents


Chapter 1:    Exploring the Foundations of Early Learning and Child Care

Chapter 2:    Children, Environments, Programs, and Practitioners

Chapter 3:    Understanding the Foundation for Children's Learning

Chapter 4:    How Theories Influence Program Models

Chapter 5:    The Power of Play

Chapter 6:    Creating a Responsive Environment

Chapter 7:    Planning Experiences in the Responsive Environment

Chapter 8:    Standards of Quality

Chapter 9:    How Philosophy Informs Practice

Chapter 10:    The Future of Early Learning and Child Care




Published by Pearson Canada (February 28th 2006) - Copyright © 2006