Full Circle: Canada's First Nations, 2nd edition

  • John L. Steckley
  • Bryan D. Cummins


Full Circle is appropriate for college and university courses in Anthropology, Sociology, Native Studies and Canadian Studies. Using a 'native-centric' voice, the text takes a modern and multidisciplinary approach, providing historical, geographical and cultural background before reviewing the current state of affairs for first nations peoples in Canada.  It provides a concise overview of all native groups, including Inuit and Metis, and explores recent developments in the political, environmental, and legal areas.  This revised edition includes up-to-date ethnographic data and deals with some pressing health-related issues of growing concern.

Table of contents

Part One: Origins and Oral Traditions

Chapter 1: Oral Traditions

Chapter 2: The Peopling of the Americas

Chapter 3: Connections to the Land

Chapter 4: Native Languages


Part Two: Culture Areas

Chapter 5: The Arctic

Chapter 6: The Eastern Woodlands

Chapter 7: The Eastern Subarctic

Chapter 8: The Western Subarctic

Chapter 9: The Plains

Chapter 10: The Plateau

Chapter 11: The Northwest Coast


Part Three: Legal Definitions

Chapter 12: The Royal Proclamation and the Indian Act

Chapter 13: The Treaties

Chapter 14: The Golden Lake Algonquin and Algonquin Park: Missed by Treaty

Chapter 15: Fighting for Recognition: The Sheshatshit Innu and the Megaprojects

Chapter 16: The James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement


Part Four: Effects of Colonialism

Chapter 17: Religious Colonialism

Chapter 18: Native Health Issues

Chapter 19: Colonialism, Native Education, and “Child Welfare”


Part Five: Contemporary Debates and Social Action

Chapter 20: Social Issues: The Dudley George Story

Chapter 21: Fighting for the Sacred Waters: The Peigan and the Oldman River Dam

Chapter 22: Native Policing

Chapter 23: The Justice System and Natives

Chapter 24: Native Governance

Chapter 25: Undoing the Past

Published by Pearson Canada (February 19th 2007) - Copyright © 2008