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Fundamentals of Chemistry in the Laboratory, 4th edition

  • Ralph A. Burns
Fundamentals of Chemistry in the Laboratory

ISBN-13:  9780130337269


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Designed to help readers overcome their fears and appreciate the exciting real-world connections and applications of chemistry, this hands-on workbook emphasizes the process of science while helping students visualize chemistry. The experiments develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills and enable readers to apply principles learned when solving problems. KEY TOPICS: The volume examines the fundamentals of chemistry, measurements, and characteristic properties, atoms and molecules, chemical reactions and quantitative chemistry, gases, energy changes, acid and bases and organic chemistry. MARKET: For individuals interested in an introductory chemistry lab workbook.

Table of contents

1. Introduction.

Laboratory Safety. Laboratory Equipment. Folding Filter Paper, Use of Funnel and Wash Bottle. Handling Reagents; Pouring Liquids. Format for Written Laboratory Reports.

2. Chemistry, Measurements, and Characteristic Properties.

Experiment 1: Physical and Chemical Changes. Experiment 2: Measurements. Experiment 3: Density. Experiment 4: Quantitative Separation of a Mixture. Experiment 5: Melting Point, a Characteristic Property. Experiment 6: Paper Chromatography.

3. Atoms and Molecules.

Experiment 7: Molar Masses of Some Gases. Experiment 8: Atoms and Spectra. Experiment 9: Conductivity and Solubility Properties. Experiment 10: Molecular Models and Shapes of Molecules.

4. Chemical Reactions and Quantitative Chemistry.

Experiment 11: The Formula of a Hydrate. Experiment 12: Ionic Reactions. Experiment 13: Types of Chemical Reactions. Experiment 14: The Preparation of Alum from Scrap Aluminum. Experiment 15: Gravimetric Analysis of a Soluble Sulfate.

5. Gases.

Experiment 16: The Pressure-Volume Relationship for Gases. Experiment 17: Determination of the Molar Volume of a Gas. Experiment 18: Diffusion, the Race between Gases.

6. Energy Changes.

Experiment 19: Heat of Neutralization. Experiment 20: Heat of Solution.

7. Acid and Bases.

Experiment 21: Percentage of Acetic Acid in Vinegar. Experiment 22: Acids, Bases, and pH.

8. Organic Chemistry.

Experiment 23: Molecular Models: Getting the Angle on Carbon. Experiment 24: Aspirin and Oil of Wintergreen.

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