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Fundamentals of Philosophy, 8th edition

  • David Stewart
  • H Gene Blocker

Published by Pearson (February 16th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

8th edition

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Fundamentals of Philosophy

ISBN-13: 9780205242993

Includes: Paperback
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Thematically introduces students to the major philosophic thinkers — Fundamentals of Philosophy offers a broad scope of classic and contemporary selections from the world’s major thinkers via a narrative format that presents difficult issues and readings in a simplified manner for students.


KEY TOPICS: Engage Students — “Biographies” and “Recent Developments” stimulate student interest and understanding of philosophy’s contemporary applications.


MARKET: For students taking introduction to philosophy courses.

Table of contents

Part 1:  What is Philosophy?

Chapter 1:  The Activity of Philosophy

Chapter 2:  Philosophy’s History

Chapter 3:  Philosophy and the Examined Life

Part 2:  Thinking About Thinking (Logic)

Chapter 4:  The Life of Reason

Chapter 5:  Argument Forms

Chapter 6:  Induction and the Philosophy of Science

Chapter 7:  Strategies for Philosophical Arguments

Part 3:  What is Real?  (Metaphysics)

Chapter 8:  Introduction to Metaphysics

Chapter 9:  Dualism

Chapter 10:  Materialism

Chapter 11:  Idealism

Chapter 12:  The Mind-Body Problem and Personal Identity

Chapter 13:  Freedom and Determinism:  The Metaphysics of Human Agency

Part 4:  How Do We Know?  (Epistemology)

Chapter 14:  Introduction to Epistemology

Chapter 15:  Rene Descartes:  The Quest for Certainty

Chapter 16:  David Hume:  Trust Your Senses

Chapter 17:  Immanuel Kant:  A Compromise

Chapter 18:  Knowledge and Human Practices

Part 5: What Ought We to Do?  (Ethics)

Chapter 19:  Introduction to Ethical Reasoning

Chapter 20:  Moral Skepticism

Chapter 21:  Morality and Metaphysics

Chapter 22:  Endaemonism:  The Morality of Self-Realization

Chapter 23:  Utilitarianism:  Morality Depends on the Consequences

Chapter 24:  Deontology:  Morality Depends on the Motives

Part 6:  Philosophy of Religion

Chapter 25:  Introduction to Philosophy of Religion

Chapter 26:  Religion and Life’s Meaning

Chapter 27:  A Priori</emphasis> Arguments for God’s Existence

Chapter 28:  A Posteriori</emphasis> Arguments for God’s Existence: Aquinas’ Five Ways

Chapter 29:  The Problem of Evil

Part 7:  Philosophy of Art (Esthetics)

Chapter 30:  Introduction to the Philosophy of Art

Chapter 31:  The Value of Art

Chapter 32:  Art as Ideal

Chapter 33:  Esthetics and Ideology

Part 8:  Social and Political Philosophy

Chapter 34:  Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy

Chapter 35:  The Liberal, Secular State

Chapter 36:  The Individual and the State

Chapter 37:  Human Rights

Chapter 38:  Individual Happiness and Social Responsibility

Part 9:  Eastern Thought

Chapter 39:  Philosophy East and West

Chapter 40: Confucian Theories of Human Nature

Chapter 41:  Hindu Debate on Monism

Chapter 42:  Buddhist Theory of

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