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Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems, 5th edition

  • Keith C. Clarke

Published by Pearson (April 2nd 2010) - Copyright © 2011

5th edition

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Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems

ISBN-13: 9780131494985

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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This text puts the high-tech field of geographic information systems within reach for students like you. It provides a basic, non-technical, and friendly introduction in one convenient source. It examines the basic GIS material that is traditionally found throughout the Geography curriculum—e.g., in Cartography, GIS spatial analysis, and quantitative methods. Clarke’s “learn-by-seeing” approach gives you clear, simple explanations, and an abundance of illustrations and photos.

Table of contents

1. What Is a GIS?

2. GIS's Roots in Cartography.

3. Maps as Numbers.

4. Getting the Map into the Computer.

5. What Is Where?

6. Why Is It There?

7. On the Surface.

8. Making Maps with GIS.

9. How to Pick a GIS.

10. GIS in Action.

11. The Future of GIS.

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