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Global Journalism: Topical Issues and Media Systems, 5th edition

  • Arnold S. de Beer
  • John C. Merrill

Published by Pearson (September 2nd 2008) - Copyright © 2009

5th edition

Global Journalism: Topical Issues and Media Systems

ISBN-13: 9780205608119

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Global Journalism: Topical Issues and Media Systems, 5/E

Arnold S. de Beer, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

John C. Merrill, University of Missouri

ISBN-10:      0205608116

ISBN-13: 9780205608119




Thoroughly reviewed, with new chapters and several new authors, Global Journalism addresses the most pertinent issues and problems in today's global journalism. This new edition recognizes the vast and rapid changes taking place in global journalism across media systems on all continents. Its three interlinking parts offer:

  • A two-chapter overview of the present state of media and journalism theory
  • A critical analysis of the main issues confronting global journalists, media organizations, audiences, and others in the media world
  • A focus on the media of the world’s eight major journalism and media regions

Over the last quarter of a century, Global Journalism has established itself as a trusted authority on international media. The new edition carries that reputation further into the twenty-first century for a new generation of journalism and media scholars, students, and media professionals.



New to this edition

  • Highlights the vast changes in the global media over the past decade, featuring developments in the field of media technology, to help portray the ever-changing role of international journalism. Topics covered include the impact of blog and iPod journalism; e-mails and Web sites from the Middle East to the Far East and in between, and the legal impediments involved therein.
  • Incorporates new discussions and examples showing how physical, cultural, and economic barriers impede media development and explores how countries work to overcome barriers caused by repressive governments and the challenges of globalization.
  • Discusses and presents a case study regarding the ethics of how journalists and the media deal with news in a diverse, multicultural and globalized world.
  • Examines the issue of news presentation and the “skewing” of foreign news through “double misreading” when “tourist journalists” fall prey to the manipulation of spin doctors.

Table of contents

Preface. John C Merrill.




Part I: Global Perspectives on Media and Journalism Issues

1. Global Press Philosophies. John C. Merrill.

2. Critical and non-Western Press Philosophies. Herman Wasserman, .


Part II  Barriers and Callenges to Global Journalism

3. Global and National News Agencies. Terhi Rantanen and Oliver Boyd-Barrett.

4. Barriers to Media Development. Paul Parsons,  Rich Landesberg and Glenn Scott.

5. Freedom of the Press Around The World. Lee B. Becker and Tudor Vlad.

6. International Journalism Ethics. Herman Wasserman.

7. Global Advertising and Public Relations. Doug Newsom.

8. Continuing Media Controversies. Paul Grosswiler.

9. Global Journalism Education. Mark Deuze.

10. Journalists: International Profiles. Beate Josephi.

11. Journalists Reporting From Foreign Places. P. Eric Louw.

12. Global News Arnold S. de Beer.





13. Western Europe. Byron T. Scott.

14. Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States of Eurasia, and Russia. Allen W. Palmer.

15. The Middle East and North Africa. Orayb A. Najjar.

16. Sub-Saharan Africa (East, West and South). Minabere Ibelema and Tanja Bosch

17. Asia and the Pacific. Jiafei Yin.

18. Australasia. Stephen Quinn and John Tidey.

19. Latin America. Federico Subervi.

20. North America. William Briggs.


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