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GO! with Microsoft Excel 2013 Comprehensive, 1st edition

  • Shelley Gaskin
  • Alicia Vargas
  • Debra Geoghan

Published by Pearson (May 15th 2013) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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GO! with Microsoft Excel 2013 Comprehensive

ISBN-13: 9780133417333

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For use in the Office Applications course. This book is just the standalone book.

The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly defined projects.


Teaching and Learning Experience

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • Engage Students with a Project-Based Approach: GO!’s project-based approach teaches students to solve real problems as they practice and learn the features.
  • Motivate Students with Clear Instruction: Based on professor and student feedback, this text has been designed to offer clear instruction for full student comprehension.
  • Teach the Course You Want in Less Time: The GO! series’ one-of-a kind instructional system provides you with everything you need to prepare for class, teach the material, and assess your students.

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0133417336 / 9780133417333 GO! with Microsoft Excel 2013 Comprehensive


Table of contents

Table of Contents

GO! Walkthrough


Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Office 2013 Features

Project 1A Note Form

Objective 1 Use File Explorer to Download, Extract, and Locate Files and Folders

Activity 1.01 Using File Explorer to Download, Extract, and Locate Files and Folders

Objective 2 Use Start Search to Locate and Start a Microsoft Office 2013 Desktop App

Activity 1.02 Using Start Search to Locate and Start a Microsoft Office 2013 Desktop App

Objective 3 Enter, Edit, and Check the Spelling of Text in an Office 2013 Program

Activity 1.03 Entering and Editing Text in an Office 2013 Program

Activity 1.04 Checking Spelling

Objective 4 Perform Commands from a Dialog Box

Activity 1.05 Performing Commands from a Dialog Box

Activity 1.06 Using Undo

Objective 5 Create a Folder and Name and Save a File

Activity 1.07 Creating a Folder and Naming and Saving a File

Objective 6 Insert a Footer, Add Document Properties, Print a File, and Close a Desktop App

Activity 1.08 Inserting a Footer, Inserting Document Info, and Adding Document Properties

Activity 1.09 Printing a File and Closing a Desktop App


Project 1B Memo

Objective 7 Open an Existing File and Save It with a New Name

More Knowledge Read-Only

Objective 8 Sign In to Office and Explore Options for a Microsoft Office Desktop App

Activity 1.00 Perform Commands from the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

More Knowledge Customizing the Ribbon

Objective 9 Apply Formatting in Office Programs

More Knowledge Zooming to Page Width

Objective 10 Compress Files and Use the Microsoft Office 2013 Help System

Objective 11 Install Apps for Office and Create a Microsoft Account

Summary, GO! Learn It Online



Excel Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013

Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

Project 1A Sales Report with Embedded Column Chart and Sparklines

Objective 1 Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook

Activity 1.01 Starting Excel, Navigating Excel, and Naming and Saving a Workbook

More Knowledge Creating a New Workbook by Using a Template

Objective 2 Enter Data in a Worksheet

Activity 1.02 Entering Text, Using AutoComplete, and Using the Name Box to Select a Cell

Activity 1.03 Using Auto Fill and Keyboard Shortcuts

Activity 1.04 Aligning Text and Adjusting the Size of Columns

Activity 1.05 Entering Numbers

Objective 3 Construct and Copy Formulas and Use the SUM Function

Activity 1.06 Constructing a Formula and Using the SUM Function

Activity 1.07 Copying a Formula by Using the Fill Handle

Objective 4 Format Cells with Merge & Center, Cell Styles, and Themes

Activity 1.08 Using Merge & Center and Applying Cell Styles

Activity 1.09 Formatting Financial Numbers

Activity 1.10 Changing the Workbook Theme

More Knowledge Formatting a Cell’s Font, Style, Size, or Color with Individual Commands

Objective 5 Chart Data to Create a Column Chart and Insert Sparklines

Activity 1.11 Charting Data and Using Recommended Charts to Select and Insert a Column Chart

Activity 1.12 Using the Chart Tools to Apply Chart Styles

Activity 1.13 Creating and Formatting Sparklines

Objective 6 Print a Worksheet, Display Formulas, and Close Excel

Activity 1.14 Creating a Footer and Centering a Worksheet

Activity 1.15 Adding Document Properties and Printing a Workbook

More Knowledge Inserting a Watermark

Activity 1.16 Printing a Section of the Worksheet

Activity 1.17 Changing Page Orientation and Displaying, Printing, and Hiding Formulas

Activity 1.18 Creating a Sales Report with Embedded Column Chart Using the Excel Web App


Project 1B Inventory Valuation

More Knowledge Calculate a Percentage if You Know the Total and the Amount

More Knowledge Hiding Rows and Columns

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 2 Using Functions, Creating Tables, and Managing Large Workbooks

Project 2A Inventory Status Report

Objective 1 Use Flash Fill and the SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, and MAX Functions

Activity 2.01 Using Flash Fill

Activity 2.02 Moving a Column

Activity 2.03 Using the SUM and AVERAGE Functions

Activity 2.04 Using the MEDIAN Function

Activity 2.05 Using the MIN and MAX Functions

Objective 2 Move Data, Resolve Error Messages, and Rotate Text

Activity 2.06 Moving Data and Resolving a # # # # # Error Message

Activity 2.07 Rotating Text

Objective 3 Use COUNTIF and IF Functions and Apply Conditional Formatting

Activity 2.08 Using the COUNT and COUNTIF Functions

Activity 2.09 Using the IF Function

Activity 2.10 Applying Conditional Formatting by Using Highlight Cells Rules and Data Bars

Activity 2.11 Using Find and Replace

More Knowledge NOW Function Recalculates Each Time a Workbook Opens

Objective 4 Use Date & Time Functions and Freeze Panes

Activity 2.12 Using the NOW Function to Display a System Date

Activity 2.13 Freezing and Unfreezing Panes

More Knowledge Freeze Columns or Freeze Both Rows and Columns

Objective 5 Create, Sort, and Filter an Excel Table

Activity 2.14 Creating an Excel Table and Applying a Table Style

Activity 2.15 Sorting an Excel Table

More Knowledge Band Rows and Columns in a Table

Activity 2.16 Filtering an Excel Table and Displaying a Total Row

Activity 2.17 Clearing Filters and Converting a Table to a Range of Data

Objective 6 View, Format, and Print a Large Worksheet

Activity 2.18 Modifying and Shrinking the Worksheet View

Activity 2.19 Splitting a Worksheet Window into Panes

Activity 2.20 Printing Titles and Scaling to Fit

More Knowledge Scaling for Data That Is Slightly Larger Than the Printed Page

Activity 2.21 Sort, Filter, and Use Functions in a Table


Project 2B Weekly Sales Summary

More Knowledge Copying a Worksheet

More Knowledge Clearing an Entire Worksheet

More Knowledge Hide Worksheets

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 3 Analyzing Data with Pie Charts, Line Charts, and What-If Analysis Tools

Project 3A Enterprise Fund Pie Chart

Objective 1 Chart Data with a Pie Chart

Activity 3.01 Calculating Values for a Pie Chart

Activity 3.02 Creating a Pie Chart in a Chart Sheet

Objective 2 Format a Pie Chart

Activity 3.03 Formatting a Chart Title by Applying a WordArt Style and Changing Font Size

Activity 3.04 Formatting Chart Elements by Removing a Legend and Adding and Formatting Data Labels

Activity 3.05 Formatting a Data Series with 3-D Effects

Activity 3.06 Formatting a Data Series with a Shadow Effect

Activity 3.07 Rotating a Pie Chart by Changing the Angle of the First Slice

Activity 3.08 Exploding and Coloring a Pie Slice

Activity 3.09 Formatting the Chart Area

Objective 3 Edit a Workbook and Update a Chart

Activity 3.10 Editing a Workbook and Updating a Chart

Objective 4 Use Goal Seek to Perform What-If Analysis

Activity 3.11 Using Goal Seek to Perform What-If Analysis

Activity 3.12 Preparing and Printing a Workbook with a Chart Sheet

Activity 3.13 Creating a JPEG Photo of a Chart and Uploading It to a OneNote Web App Notebook


Project 3B Tourism Spending Projection with Line Chart

More Knowledge Use of Parentheses in a Formula

More Knowledge Percentage Calculations

More Knowledge Percent Increase or Decrease

More Knowledge Resizing a Chart

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 4 Use Financial and Lookup Functions, Define Names, Validate Data, and Audit Worksheets

Project 4A Amortization Schedule and -Merchandise Costs

Objective 1 Use Financial Functions

Activity 4.01 Inserting the PMT Financial Function

Objective 2 Use Goal Seek

Activity 4.02 Using Goal Seek to Produce a Desired Result

Activity 4.03 Using Goal Seek to Find an Increased Period

Objective 3 Create a Data Table

Activity 4.04 Designing a Two-Variable Data Table

Activity 4.05 Using a Data Table to Calculate Options

Objective 4 Use Defined Names in a Formula

Activity 4.06 Defining a Name

Activity 4.07 Inserting New Data into a Named Range

Activity 4.08 Creating a Defined Name by Using Row and Column Titles

Activity 4.09 Using Defined Names in a Formula


Project 4B Lookup Form and Revenue Report

More Knowledge Creating Validation Messages

More Knowledge

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 5 Managing Large Workbooks and Using Advanced Sorting and Filtering

Project 5A Large Worksheet for a Class Schedule

Objective 1 Navigate and Manage Large Worksheets

Activity 5.01 Using the Go To Special Command

Activity 5.02 Hiding Columns

Activity 5.03 Using the Go To Command

Activity 5.04 Arranging Multiple Workbooks and Splitting Worksheets

Objective 2 Enhance Worksheets with Themes and Styles

Activity 5.05 Changing and Customizing a Workbook Theme

Activity 5.06 Creating and Applying a Custom Table Style

Objective 3 Format a Worksheet to Share with Others

Activity 5.07 Previewing and Modifying Page Breaks

Activity 5.08 Repeating Column or Row Titles

Activity 5.09 Inserting a Hyperlink in a Worksheet

Activity 5.10 Modifying a Hyperlink

Objective 4 Save Excel Data in Other File Formats

Activity 5.11 Viewing and Saving a Workbook as a Web Page

Activity 5.12 Saving Excel Data in CSV File Format

Activity 5.13 Saving Excel Data as a PDF or XPS File

More Knowledge Converting a Tab Delimited Text File to a Word Table


Project 5B Sorted, Filtered, and Outlined Database

More Knowledge A Custom List Remains Available for All Workbooks in Excel

More Knowledge Using Wildcards

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think

Chapter 6 Creating Charts, Diagrams, and Templates

Project 6A Attendance Charts and Diagrams

Objective 1 Create and Format Sparklines and a Column Chart

Activity 6.01 Creating and Formatting Sparklines

Activity 6.02 Creating a Column Chart

More Knowledge Sizing Handles and Selection Handles

Activity 6.03 Changing the Display of Chart Data

More Knowledge Changing the Data in a Chart

Activity 6.04 Editing and Formatting the Chart Title

Activity 6.05 Adding, Formatting, and Aligning Axis Titles

Activity 6.06 Editing Source Data

Activity 6.07 Formatting the Chart Floor and Chart Walls

Objective 2 Create and Format a Line Chart

Activity 6.08 Creating a Line Chart

Activity 6.09 Changing a Chart Title

Activity 6.10 Changing the Values on the Value Axis

Activity 6.11 Formatting the Plot Area and the Data Series

Activity 6.12 Inserting a Trendline

Objective 3 Create and Modify a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 6.13 Creating a Process SmartArt Graphic

Activity 6.14 Modifying the Diagram Style

Objective 4 Create and Modify an Organization Chart

Activity 6.15 Creating and Modifying a SmartArt Organization Chart

Activity 6.16 Adding Effects to a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 6.17 Preparing Worksheets Containing Charts and Diagrams for Printing


Project 6B Order Form Template

More Knowledge Setting the Default Font for New Worksheets

More Knowledge Modifying a Template

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 7 Creating PivotTable and PivotChart Reports and Using BI Tools in Excel

Project 7A PivotTable and PivotChart

Objective 1 Create a PivotTable Report

Activity 7.01 Creating a PivotTable Report

More Knowledge

Activity 7.02 Adding Fields to a PivotTable Report

Objective 2 Use Slicers and Search Filters

Activity 7.03 Using Slicer to Filter a PivotTable

Activity 7.04 Clearing Filters and Filtering by Using the Search Box

Objective 3 Modify a PivotTable Report

Activity 7.05 Rearranging a PivotTable Report

Activity 7.06 Displaying PivotTable Report Details in a New Worksheet

Activity 7.07 Displaying PivotTable Data on Separate Pages

Activity 7.08 Changing Calculations in a PivotTable Report

Activity 7.09 Formatting a PivotTable Report

Activity 7.10 Updating PivotTable Report Data

Objective 4 Create a PivotChart Report

Activity 7.11 Creating a PivotChart Report from a PivotTable Report

Activity 7.12 Modifying a PivotChart Report

Activity 7.13 Arranging and Hiding Worksheets in a Multi-sheet Workbook


Project 7B PowerPivot and Power View

Objective 5 Create a Data Model Using PowerPivot

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 8 Using the Data Analysis, Solver, and Scenario Features, and Building Complex Formulas

Project 8A Sales Analysis

Objective 1 Calculate a Moving Average

Activity 8.01 Creating a Custom Number Format

More Knowledge The Transpose Function

Activity 8.02 Calculating a Moving Average

Activity 8.03 Modifying the Moving Average Chart

More Knowledge Using a Moving Average to Forecast Trends

Activity 8.04 Calculating Growth Based on a Moving Average

Objective 2 Project Income and Expenses

Activity 8.05 Projecting Income and Expenses

Objective 3 Determine a Break-Even Point

Activity 8.06 Charting the Break-Even Point with a Line Chart


Project 8B Staffing Analysis

More Knowledge Solver Reports

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 9 Using Macros and Visual Basic for Applications

Project 9A Travel Expenses

Objective 1 Record a Macro

Activity 9.01 Adding the Developer Tab to the Ribbon

Activity 9.02 Changing the Macro Security Settings in Excel 5

Activity 9.03 Unprotecting a Workbook

Activity 9.04 Recording a Macro

Objective 2 Assign a Macro to a Button on the Quick Access Toolbar

Activity 9.05 Adding a Button to the Quick Access Toolbar

Activity 9.06 Testing the Macro Button

Objective 3 Modify a Macro

Activity 9.07 Changing the Visual Basic Code

More Knowledge


Copy a Macro to Another Workbook

Project 9B VBA Procedure

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think

Chapter 10 External Data, Database Functions, and Side-by-Side Tables

Project 10A Medical Center Information

Objective 1 Get External Data into Excel

Activity 10.01 Importing Data into Excel from an Access Database Excel

Activity 10.02 Importing Data into Excel from a Webpage

Activity 10.03 Importing Data into Excel from an XML File

Activity 10.04 Importing Data into Excel from a Text File

Objective 2 Cleanup and Manage Data

Activity 10.05 Removing Duplicates

Activity 10.06 Using Flash Fill to Expand Data

Activity 10.07 Using Text Functions

Objective 3 Create a Query and Use the Query Wizard to Sort and Filter

Activity 10.08 Creating a Query to Filter and Sort Data by Using the Query Wizard

Activity 10.09 Converting a Table into a Range

Objective 4 Use Database Functions

Activity 10.10 Using the DAVERAGE Database Function

Activity 10.11 Using the DSUM Database Function

Activity 10.12 Using DCOUNT


Project 10B Office Equipment Inventory

Summary, GO! Learn It Online, GO! For Job Success


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think


Chapter 11 Collaborating with Others and Preparing a Workbook for Distribution

Summer Schedule

Objective 1 Create a Shared Workbook

Activity 11.01 Locating and Modifying Workbook Properties

More Knowledge Read-only Property

Activity 11.02 Making Edits in a Foreign Language and Inserting a Watermark Image

Activity 11.03 Activating Track Changes to Create a Shared Workbook

Objective 2 Track Changes Made to a Workbook

Activity 11.04 Making a Copy of a Shared Workbook

Activity 11.05 Making Changes to a Shared Workbook

Activity 11.06 Making Changes to a Copy of the Shared Workbook

Objective 3 Merge Workbooks and Accept Changes

Activity 11.07 Merging Revisions

Activity 11.08 Accepting or Rejecting Tracked Changes

Activity 11.09 Removing the Shared Designation, Resetting the User Name, and Removing a Command

from the Quick Access Toolbar

More Knowledge Change History

Activity 11.10 Adding a Signature Line

Distributed Workbook

Objective 4 Prepare a Final Workbook for Distribution

More Knowledge Making Passwords More Secure

More Knowledge Mark as Final Feature

Objective 5 Upload a Workbook to SkyDrive

More Knowledge The World of Cloud Computing Is Fast Changing

More Knowledge Syncing SkyDrive with Your Computer

Summary, GO! Learn It Online,


Skills Review

Mastering Excel


GO! Think



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