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Handbook for K-8 Arts Integration: Purposeful Planning Across the Curriculum, 1st edition

  • Nan L. McDonald

Published by Pearson (August 3rd 2009) - Copyright © 2010

1st edition

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Handbook for K-8 Arts Integration: Purposeful Planning Across the Curriculum (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780133064032

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Table of contents



Chapter 1: What are the Arts, their standards, and impact on student learning?

Focus Activity                                      

What are the arts?                                  

Arts as Core Content                           

 Who will teach the arts?                      

Classroom Teachers: General Education with and through the Arts                      

What is Purposeful Planning with and through the Arts?   

Standards in the Arts                                                                          

Suggestions for Standards-based Arts Activities     

Research on the Impact of Arts Activity on Student Learning                                   

Why use the arts within content area instruction?   

How does participation in arts activities impact student achievement and learning?              

Learning through the Arts: Student Academic and Social Development                         

     Learning through Musical Activity    

     Learning through Visual Art Activity 

     Learning through Theatre/Drama       

     Learning through Dance/Movement      

Learning through Integrated Arts Activities within Content Area Instruction  

Learning through Arts-rich School Environments                     

Arts Infusion in Action: Classroom Vignette         

In the Classroom:

Integrating Language Arts/Literacy

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