Heritage Tourism, 1st edition

  • Dallen Timothy
  • Stephen Boyd

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Heritage Tourism provides a balanced view of both theoretical issues and applied subjects that managers must deal with on a daily basis. These concepts are illustrated throughout the text via examples and boxed case studies.

With the rapid growth of special interest travel during the past two decades, the demand for heritage tourism experiences has soared, and its economic and socio-cultural importance cannot be overstated. This book addresses this booming type of tourism and will prove to be a valuable resource for educators, students, and practitioners in the field of heritage tourism.

Table of contents

1. Introduction.
2. The Heritage Tourism Supply.
3. Heritage Tourism Demand.
4.. Conserving The Past.
5. Managing Heritage Tourism.
6. Heritage Interpretation.
7. The Authenticity Debate.
8. The Politics Of Heritage.
9. Reflections And Futures.

Published by Pearson (October 30th 2002) - Copyright © 2003