Higher Order Spectra Analysis: A Non-Linear Signal Processing Framework, 1st edition

  • Chrysostomos Nikias
  • Athina P. Petropulu

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In response to the recent growth of interest in polyspectra, this timely text provides an introduction to signal processing methods that are based on polyspectra and cumulants concepts. KEY TOPICS: The emphasis of the book is placed on the presentation of signal processing tools for use in situations where the more common power spectrum estimation techniques fall short. MARKET: This manual will be valuable to practicing engineers who need an introduction to polyspectra from a signal processing perspective.

Table of contents

 1. Definitions and Properties of Cumulants and Cumulant Spectra.

 2. Polyspectra of Deterministic Signals.

 3. Conventional Methods for the Estimation of Polyspectra.

 4. Nonminimum Phase Signal Reconstruction.

 5. Polycepstra.

 6. Parameter Estimation.

 7. Adaptive Signal Processing.

 8. Detection and Characterization of Nonlinearities.

Published by Pearson (April 20th 1993) - Copyright © 1993