Hired! The Job-Hunting/Career-Planning Guide, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Michael Stebleton
  • Michael Henle
  • Connie Harris
  • Valerie Kates

Hired! The Job-Hunting/Career-Planning Guide, Canadian Edition

ISBN-13:  9780135001349


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Hired! is a practical, life-career planning guide for students from all manner of backgrounds! It Unlike other textbooks, Hired! focuses on helping students develop an ongoing, flexible portfolio of information about themselves and work in order to prepare them for satisfying and productive lives in an ever-changing world. The exercises and writing activities encourage students to take a proactive role in creating their futures, motivating them to become personally responsible for their life and to become an active participant in its process.

Table of contents

I           Discovering Your Authentic Self

            1          Know Yourself: A Self-Awareness Journey

            2          Charting the Future: Goal Setting and Decision Making for Life

            3          Researching Careers: The Changing Nature of Work

            4          Exploring Through Experience: Learning Outside the Classroom


II          Creating Opportunities

            5          Developing Your Portfolio: Self-Managed Career Planning

            6          Connecting to Employers: Job Search Correspondence and Job Applications

            7          Marketing Tools: Your Resume and References


III        Selling Your Talents

            8          Networking and Job Sourcing: Grow Your Possibilities

            9          Interviewing: Achieve Job Search Results


IV        Balancing Your Career and Personal Life

            10        Navigating: Your Professional Direction

            11        Cultivating Meaningful Connections: Personal Goals, Life Balance, and Relationships

            12        Financing Your Life: Planning and Implementing

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Published by Pearson Canada (March 22nd 2008) - Copyright © 2008