History of Mathematics, A (Classic Version), 3rd edition

  • Victor J. Katz

History of Mathematics, A (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780321997036

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A History of Mathematics, Third Edition, provides students with a solid background in the history of mathematics and focuses on the most important topics for today’s elementary, high school, and college curricula. Students will gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts in their historical context, and future teachers will find this book a valuable resource in developing lesson plans based on the history of each topic.


This book is ideal for a junior or senior level course in the history of mathematics for mathematics majors intending to become teachers.

Table of contents

  • Part I. Ancient Mathematics
  • 1. Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • 2. The Beginnings of Mathematics in Greece
  • 3. Euclid
  • 4. Archimedes and Apollonius
  • 5. Mathematical Methods in Hellenistic Times
  • 6. The Final Chapter of Greek Mathematics
  • Part II. Medieval Mathematics
  • 7. Ancient and Medieval China
  • 8. Ancient and Medieval India
  • 9. The Mathematics of Islam
  • 10. Medieval Europe
  • 11. Mathematics Elsewhere
  • Part III. Early Modern Mathematics
  • 12. Algebra in the Renaissance
  • 13. Mathematical Methods in the Renaissance
  • 14. Geometry, Algebra and Probability in the Seventeenth Century
  • 15. The Beginnings of Calculus
  • 16. Newton and Leibniz
  • Part IV. Modern Mathematics
  • 17. Analysis in the Eighteenth Century
  • 18. Probability and Statistics in the Eighteenth Century
  • 19. Algebra and Number Theory in the Eighteenth Century
  • 20. Geometry in the Eighteenth Century
  • 21. Algebra and Number Theory in the Nineteenth Century
  • 22. Analysis in the Nineteenth Century
  • 23. Probability and Statistics in the Nineteenth Century
  • 24. Geometry in the Nineteenth Century
  • 25. Aspects of the Twentieth Century

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