How to Start Your Own Business for Entrepreneurs, 2nd edition

  • Robert Ashton

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The new edition of this bestselling book for entrepreneurs has been fully updated to offer the most extensive start-up toolkit of invaluable advice and expert guidance.


Relevant to entrepreneurs of any experience, it covers absolutely every aspect of starting a business from bullet-proof plans to the best way to structure a business for a successful sell-on later. It includes information on brand management, customer service, marketing, financials and staffing, so you are fully prepared to set sail on your business journey.

Table of contents

About the author

Introduction to the second edition

Introduction to the first edition

How to use this book


Part One: Before You Start

1.       See your future as an entrepreneur – crystal clear                   

2.       How to find your biggest business opportunity                          

3.       How to be really sure your business idea will fly                        

4.       Business type – what’s possible

5.       Business structure - building in room to grow                            

6.       Finding the perfect place – business premises                             

7.       Starting up or taking over an existing enterprise       


Part Two: Planning To Succeed

8.       How to write a convincing plan                                                           

9.       Where to find the money you need                                            

10.     Advisers and mentors and why they’re important                     

11.     Timing is everything – how to decide when to start   


Part Three: Finding Customers

12.     Where to look for the best customers                                      

13.     How to develop the right brand and image                             

14.     Marketing in a nutshell                                                                                              

15.     Your winning marketing message                  

16.     How to make sure your website’s a winner

17.     How to get good PR and keep on getting it                

18.     Ways that anyone can be good at selling                      

19.     Reputation – making friends and influencing people         


Part Four: Managing Your Business

20.     How to do your bookkeeping without tears                            

21.     How to make your profits bigger                            

22.     Financial factors to watch as you start to grow               

23.     How to minimise risk and sleep well at night                                                                             

24.     Your first employee – how to take this giant leap          


Part Five: Growing Your Business

25.     Measuring what matters

26.     Lifestyle or wealth – a chance to reflect and review those goals



Published by FT Press (June 14th 2012) - Copyright © 2012