How to Write for University: Academic Writing for Success, 1st edition

  • Kathleen McMillan
  • Jonathan Weyers

How to Write for University

ISBN-13:  9781292001500


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Undertaking a writing project for assessment can be a challenging prospect for students of all disciplines and especially those new to academic writing in higher education. The unique 12-step approach in this book leads students through the different stages that apply to any form of academic writing - gathering relevant information, processing that information through effective planning, creating the text and developing writing for future assignments including exam writing. The authors follow their tried-and-tested Smarter Student series approach to deliver timely, practical, hands-on guidance based on real-life experience from teaching and assessing students’ writing.


How to write for university – academic writing for success is an invaluable tutorial and reference for any student approaching university writing assignments.

Table of contents


1. The importance of writing at university - how your abilities in academic writing contribute to your sucess


Essentials for getting started – how to gather and record information

2. University writing in context – how your academic  writing is shaped from the very start of your course

3. Lectures, listening and academic writing – how information you hear in lectures contributes to your writing

4. Researching information for writing assignments – how to use the library as a source of academic information

4. Reading effectively – how understanding the structure of text helps your own writing

6. Notes from lectures and reading – how to record information in note-form for use in your writing

7. Speaking, thinking and academic writing – how discussing your work contributes to organising and wording your writing


Understanding the contexts and practices relating to academic writing – how to meet the standards

8. Organising yourself for writing – how to use your time effectively to ensure successful completion of assignments

9. The format of academic writing – how to structure your text appropriately

10. Following the expected academic style in your writing – how to adopt the appropriate language conventions in your task

11. Information-processing and critical thinking for writing – how to approach your analysis of source material

12. Referring to source material in your writing – how to cite and reference correctly to avoid plagiarism

13. Presentation of academic assignments – how to follow the relevant academic conventions in your written work

14. What markers look for when assessing written work - how markers grade your academic writing


Writing technique – how to plan and write for assessment

15. Planning writing assignments – how to reflect on and organise your response to the task

16. Writing a first draft – how to shape your text using sentences and paragraphs effectively

17. Reviewing, editing and proof-reading your writing – how to make sure your writing is concise and correct

Developing future academic writing – how to build on markers’ advice for good results in later writing including exams

18. Acting on feedback in your coursework – how to use markers’ comments to develop your academic writing

19. Academic writing in exams – how to translate the techniques of coursework writing into your exam script



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