Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues, 9th edition

  • Michael D. Johnson


Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues sparks interest in human biology by connecting basic biology to real-world issues that are relevant to our lives. The storytelling approach with digitally integrated content demystifies how the human body works and drives readers to become smarter consumers of health and science information. 

Table of contents

  1. Human Biology, Science, and Society
  2. The Chemistry of Living Things
  3. Structure and Function of Cells
  4. From Cells to Organ Systems
  5. The Skeletal System
  6. The Muscular System
  7. Blood
  8. The Heart and Blood Vessels 
  9. The Immune System and Mechanisms of Defense
  10. The Respiratory System. Exchange of Gases
  11. The Nervous System. Integration and Control
  12. Sensory Mechanisms
  13. The Endocrine System
  14. The Digestive System and Nutrition
  15. The Urinary System
  16. Reproductive Systems
  17. Cell Reproduction and Differentiation
  18. Cancer. Uncontrolled Cell Division and Differentiation
  19. Genetics and Inheritance
  20. DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering
  21. Development, Maturation, Aging, and Death
  22. Evolution and the Origins of Life
  23. Ecosystems and Populations
  24. Human Impacts, Biodiversity, and Environmental Issues

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