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Improving Schools Through Action Research: A Reflective Practice Approach, 4th edition

  • Cher C. Hendricks

Published by Pearson (January 6th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

4th edition

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Improving Schools Through Action Research: A Reflective Practice Approach

ISBN-13: 9780134029320

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From reviews of the text:


“I’ve used the Hendricks text for 5 semesters and have modified the course each semester based on a deeper appreciation for the content the text offers. . . . .  The Hendricks text provides an excellent organization and sequence in implementing the process of action research. . . .  I see the text as a very strong component to my course and to any action research courses offered. . . .  It helps students to produce a thorough and valuable end product.”  

       —Jill Miels, Ball State University



“Key strengths are the examples and sample narratives; . . . projects threaded through the text provide a unifying connection of applications of the process for teachers. . . .  [T]he last chapter provides much needed guidance for dissemination of research study results through presentations and publications.”

       —Reese H. Todd, Texas Tech University



“The strength of the text is accessibility and clarity. The text takes students through the steps of creating an action research project in clear and concise language. Hendricks does an excellent job of providing an appropriate balance of support and challenge for student teachers/action researchers.  Hendricks explains complicated topics and concepts in a user friendly manner without sacrificing the intent and underlying meaning of the concepts. Great text for anyone who wants to learn more about constructing their own knowledge and improving schools through action research.”

       —Jason Colombino, Boston College Lynch School of Education



Table of contents

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Action Research

Chapter 2 Generating a Research Focus and Research Questions

Chapter 3 Connecting Theory and Action: Reviewing the Literature

Chapter 4 Planning the Action Research Study

Chapter 5 Collecting Data

Chapter 6 Analyzing Data in Action Research Studies

Chapter 7 Writing and Disseminating the Action Research Report


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