Integrating UNIX and PC Network Operating Systems, 1st edition

  • William B. Lund

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The full potential of UNIX as an all-purpose Network Operating System (NOS) is not being realized. As networks within organizations grow, conflicts arise over non-compatible servers and desktop clients. This book shows Network Administrators how to find common ground for sharing access to information and services using UNIX networking products. KEY TOPICS: Covers the capabilities and limitations of three PC networking products: HP's NetWare for HP-UX (an implementation of NetWare for UNIXWare on HP-UX), Pacer Software's PacerShare (an implementation of an AppleShare compliant server on HP-UX and other platforms), and LAN Manager/X (an implementation of Microsoft and NCR's portable LAN Manager on HP-UX). MARKET: For UNIX Systems Administrators, Network Managers, and Network Users.

Published by Pearson (February 27th 1996) - Copyright © 1996