Interprofessional Health Care Practice, 1st edition

  • Sue Coffey
  • Charles Anyinam

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Written primarily for undergraduates in nursing degree and diploma programs at Canadian universities and colleges, but also suited for students pursuing an education in allied health or the helping professions, Interprofessional Health Care Practice lays the theoretical foundation and presents models of practice to provide collaborative patient-centered care.


This resource's goal is to equip future health providers with an understanding that two or more practitioners, patients and their families, and communities must develop interprofessional working relationships and work as a team with a common purpose, commitment, and mutual respect.

Table of contents

Part I Introduction to Interprofessional Practice

Chapter 1       Introduction to Interprofessional Practice by Sue Coffey and Charles Anyinam

Chapter 2       Dimensions of Interprofessional Practice by Sue Coffey and Charles Anyinam


Part II Foundations of Interprofessional Practice

Chapter 3       Teams and Teamwork by Charles Anyinam and Sue Coffey

Chapter 4       Professional Roles and Relationships by Sue Coffey and Charles Anyinam

Chapter 5       Collaboration by Cyndi Gilmer (Assistant Professor, Trent/Fleming School                            of Nursing)

Chapter 6       Conflict, Problem-solving, and Negotiation by Charles Anyinam and Sue Coffey

Chapter 7       Leadership by Charles Anyinam and Doris Grinspun (Executive Director, Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario)


Part III Issues in Interprofessional Care

Chapter 8       Interprofessional Education for Interprofessional Practice by Brenda Gamble (Assistant Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Chapter 9       Interprofessional Healthcare Policy and Regulation by Willian Lahey (Director, Health Law Institute, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law), Robert Currie (Associate  Professor, Faculty of Law) and Lorraine Lafferty (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law)

from the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University.

Chapter 10     Practice Outcomes and Measuring Success with Interprofessional Practice by Douglas Archibald (Assistant Professor and Educational Research Scientist, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa; Scientist, Bruyère Research Institute, Ottawa Ontario), Colla J. MacDonald (Full Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa), Irmajean Bajnok (Director, RNAO's International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Centre; Co-Director, Nursing Best Practice Research Centre (NBPRC); Adjunct Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto; Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Science, University of Ottawa), and Derek Puddester (Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Special Project Lead, Innovation & Evaluation, Postgraduate Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa).


Part IV Future Directions


Chapter 11     Moving beyond Interprofessional Practice to Intersectoral Collaboration by Charles Anyinam and Sue Coffey

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