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Introduction to Chemical Principles, 11th edition

  • H Stephen Stoker
Introduction to Chemical Principles

ISBN-13:  9780321814630

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Newly updated based on extensive reviewer feedback, this affordable introductory text remains focused on the essentials necessary for success in General Chemistry. Introduction to Chemistry Principles, Eleventh Edition focuses on the most important topics — omitting organic and biochemistry chapters — and teaches the problem-solving skills readers need. Each topic is introduced and developed step by step until reaching the level of sophistication required for further course work.


Note: There is no difference in content between the version with the plain cover and the version with the white and orange cover.

Table of contents

NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Concepts to Remember, Key Terms, Practice Problems, Multi-Concept Problems and Multiple-Choice Practice Test.

  • Chapter 1: The Science of Chemistry
  • Chapter 2 Numbers from Measurements
  • Chapter 3 Unit Systems and Dimensional Analysis
  • Chapter 4 Basic Concepts About Matter
  • Chapter 5 Atoms, Molecules, and Subatomic Particles
  • Chapter 6 Electronic Structure and Chemical Periodicity
  • Chapter 7 Chemical Bonds
  • Chapter 8 Chemical Nomenclature
  • Chapter 9 Chemical Calculations: The Mole Concept and Chemical Formulas
  • Chapter 10 Chemical Calculations Involving Chemical Equations
  • Chapter 11 States of Matter
  • Chapter 12 Gas Laws
  • Chapter 13 Solutions
  • Chapter 14 Acids, Bases, and Salts
  • Chapter 15 Chemical Equations: Net Ionic and Oxidation-Reduction
  • Chapter 16 Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium
  • Glossary
  • Answer to Odd-Numbered Problems and All Self-Test Problems
  • Index

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