Introduction to Law, 6th edition

  • Joanne B. Hames
  • Yvonne Ekern

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For introductory courses in law.

Introducing students to the system, principles, and concepts of law
Introduction to Law guides students through the beginnings of their law education, using premium features to explore basic legal concepts related to substantive and procedural law. Students are exposed to cases, statutes, regulations, and the Constitution, while developing their legal vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and ability to read cases. All chapters of the 6th edition have been reviewed, edited, and updated to reflect current law and legal forms and to provide additional activities illustrating real-world applications of legal practices.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Law
2. The U.S. Legal System
3. The Courts and Legal Personnel
4. Finding the Law: Legal Research
5. Using the Law: Analysis and Legal Writing

6. Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
7. Tort Law
8. Family Law
9. Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, and Probate
10. Contract Law
11. Property Law
12. The Business Environment: Agency, Employment, Business Organizations, and Bankruptcy Laws
13. Civil Procedure Before Trial
14. Criminal Practice: Criminal Law and Juvenile Law
15. Criminal Procedure Before Trial
16. Rules of Evidence
17. The Trial
18. Alternative Dispute Resolution

I. Law-Related Careers, the Paralegal Profession, and the Law Office
II. Mock Trial
III. Legal Citation

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2018) - Copyright © 2019