Introduction to Logic: Predicate Logic, 2nd edition

  • Howard Pospesel

Introduction to Logic: Predicate Logic

ISBN-13:  9780131649897

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This clearly written, new edition by Howard Pospesel extends to general statements the system developed in Propositional Logic, revised Third Edition. This new edition covers symbolization, proofs, counterexamples, and truth trees. These topics are presented in graded steps, beginning with the symbolization of categorical propositions and concluding with the properties of relations.

Examples and exercises are drawn from such sources as newspapers, television broadcasts, films, books, and exams. The book enhances students' ability to recognize and evaluate the predicate arguments they encounter outside the logic classroom. Logic is made accessible without sacrificing rigor.

Among the new and revised elements in the Second Edition:
  • Many new exercises and examples
  • A chapter on truth trees
  • New sections treating possible-world counterexamples, intensional contexts, quantifier scope, and quantifier order
  • An appendix on metatheory by William G. Lycan
Also, with this new Second Edition!

PredLogic, Windows-based software provides an environment in which students symbolize sentences, construct proofs of validity, devise counterexamples, and create truth trees. The program enables students to catch errors as they are made, and it offers hints for solving problems.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Basic Symbolization.

 3. Proofs: "O and $O.

 4. Proofs: $I and QE.

 5. Intermediate Symbolization.

 6. Intermediate Proofs.

 7. Counterexamples.

 8. Truth Trees.

 9. Property-Logic Refinements.

10. Relational Symbolization.

11. Relational Proofs.

12. Relational CEXes and Trees.

13. Relational-Logic Refinements.

14. Natural Arguments.

Appendix 1. Propositional Logic: A Brief Review.

Appendix 2. Metatheory.

Appendix 3. Using PredLogic.

Appendix 4. Solutions to Starred Exercises.


Proof Rules.

Truth-Tree Rules.

Published by Pearson (June 19th 2002) - Copyright © 2003