Introduction to MATLAB, 4th edition

  • Delores M Etter

Introduction to MATLAB

ISBN-13:  9780134615288

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For first-year or introductory Engineering courses.

Illustrating MATLAB best practices through practical engineering examples 

In her 4th Edition of Introduction to MATLAB,best-selling author Delores Etter provides an up-to-date survey of MATLAB©, the technical computing environment of choice for many professional engineers and scientists. Using a consistent five-step methodology for solving engineering problems, Etter demonstrates the exceptional computational and visualization capabilities of MATLAB and integrates real-world engineering and scientific examples with solutions and usable code. This book is suitable as a primary text for an introductory engineering course or as a supplemental text for an intermediate or advanced course. No prior experience with computers is needed. The text is also useful as a professional reference.

Table of contents

1 An Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving

Engineering Achievements

1.1 Engineering Environment

1.2 Engineering Computing and MATLAB©

1.3 An Engineering Problem-Solving Methodology


2 Getting Started with MATLAB

Engineering Achievement: Wind Tunnels

2.1 Introduction to MATLAB and MATLAB Windows

2.2 Simple Operations

2.3 Output Options

2.4 Saving Your Work


3 MATLAB Functions

Engineering Achievement: Weather Prediction

3.1 Introduction to Functions

3.2 Elementary Mathematical Functions

3.3 Trigonometric Functions

3.4 Data Analysis Functions

3.5 Random Number Generating Functions

3.6 User-Defined Functions


4 Plotting

Engineering Achievement: Ocean Dynamics

4.1 x-y Plots

4.2 Three-Dimensional Plots

4.3 Editing Plots from the Figure Window

4.4 Creating Plots from the Workspace Window


5 Control Structures

Engineering Achievement: Signal Processing

5.1 Relational and Logical Operators

5.2 Selection Structures

5.3 Loops


6 Matrix Computations

Engineering Achievement: Manned Space Flight

6.1 Special Matrices

6.2 Matrix Operations and Functions

6.3 Solutions to Systems of Linear Equations


7 Numerical Techniques

Engineering Achievement: Dynamic Fluid Flow

7.1 Interpolation

7.2 Curve Fitting: Linear and Polynomial Regression

7.3 Using the Interactive Fitting Tool

7.4 Numerical Integration

7.5 Numerical Differentiation


8 Symbolic Mathematics

Engineering Achievement: Geolocation

8.1 Symbolic Algebra

8.2 Equation Solving

8.3 Differentiation and Integration



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