Intrusion Signatures and Analysis, 1st edition

  • Matt Fearnow
  • Stephen Northcutt
  • Karen Frederick
  • Mark Cooper

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Intrusion Signatures and Analysis opens with an introduction into the format of some of the more common sensors and then begins a tutorial into the unique format of the signatures and analyses used in the book. After a challenging four-chapter review, the reader finds page after page of signatures, in order by categories. Then the content digs right into reaction and responses covering how sometimes what you see isnߴ always what is happening. The book also covers how analysts can spend time chasing after false positives. Also included is a section on how attacks have shut down the networks and web sites of Yahoo, and E-bay and what those attacks looked like. Readers will also find review questions with answers throughout the book, to be sure they comprehend the traces and material that has been covered.

Table of contents

 1. Reading Log Formats.

 2. Introduction to the Practicals.

 3. The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats, Part 1.

 4. The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats, Part 2.

 5. Reactions and Responses.

 6. Perimeter Logs.

 7. Non-Malicious Traffic.

 8. Network Mapping.

 9. Scans that Probe Systems for Information.

10. Denial Of Service (DoS)—Resource Starvation.

11. Denial Of Service (DoS)—Bandwidth Consumption.

12. Trojans.

13. Exploits.

14. Buffer Overflows with Content.

15. Fragmentation.

16. False Positives.

17. Out of Spec Packets.

Published by Sams Publishing (January 19th 2001) - Copyright © 2001