Ironworking Level 3 Trainee Guide, 1e, Binder, 1st edition

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Weld Testing, Pre-Engineered Systems, Ornamental Ironworking, Stud Welding, Post-Tensioning, Placing and Tying Reinforcing Steel, Construction Cranes Three, Special Rigging, Field Fabrication Two, Demolition, Precast/Tilt-Up Erection and Structural Ironworking Three.


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Table of contents

30301 Weld Testing (10 Hours)

Introduces welding and nondestructive testing codes and specifications that govern welding. Identifies the different types of weld imperfections and the nondestructive testing methods used to identify these imperfections.


30302 Pre-Engineered Systems (7.5 Hours)

Identifies the structural components and accessories of ildings and describes their installation. Describes the pre-erection and erection procedures that apply to their installation and the safety precautions associated with the installatio.


30303 Ornamental Ironworking (5 Hours)

Identifies the types of ornamental metal and describes the different types of components used in ornamental ironworking. Explains the skills required to fabricate and install ornamental components safely.


30304 Stud Welding (10 Hours)

Introduces the stud welding process, stud welding safety, and identifies the equipment used to weld studs. Provides step-by•step procedures to set up welding equipment and guidelines to make acceptable stud welds with proper stud placement. Explains testing of stud welds.


30305 Post-Tensioning (5 Hours)

Introduces materials, storage, applications, and installation techniques for strand, wire, and bar post-tensioning systems. Explains the procedures used to safely place, stress, and grout different types of tendons used in post-tensioning systems.


30306 Placing and Tying Reinforcing Steel (20 Hours)

Introduces reinforcing steel and explains some of the building code requirements related to placing and tying reinforcing steel safely. Explains the placement of reinforcing steel in concrete footings and foundations and in vertical and horizontal concrete members.


30307 Construction Cranes Three (10 Hours)

Identifies and describes the use of tower cranes and electric overhead cranes. Explains crane safety hazards and precautions.


30308 Special Rigging (10 Hours)

Explains techniques for air tugger rigging and rigging with gin poles, Chicago booms, A-frames, davits, balance beams, pump handles, high lines, caterpillar dollies, and pipe rollers.


30309 Field Fabrication Two (25 Hours)

Explains the fabrication of pipe railings, ladders, channel bucks, and stair stringers to given specifications.


30310 Demolition (10 Hours)

Identifies the tools used to remove rivets and explains the demolition skills required to remove structural steel beams, steel columns, and steel reinforced concrete columns safely.


30311 Precast/Tilt-Up Erection (20 Hours)

Identifies structural and architectural precast concrete building components and accessories erected using the tilt-up process. Identifies the lifting inserts and rigging required for different tilt-up components and explains connecting and bracing precast wall panels.


30312 Structural Ironworking Three (20 Hours)

Explains the techniques used to plumb, align and guy steel structures. Provides procedures to install trusses, grating, and checker plate. Also explains the hazards and risks associated with ironworking.

Published by Pearson (September 21st 2000) - Copyright © 2000