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Java After Hours: 10 Projects You'll Never Do at Work, 1st edition

  • Steven Holzner

Published by Sams Publishing (June 8th 2005) - Copyright © 2005

1st edition

Java After Hours: 10 Projects You'll Never Do at Work

ISBN-13: 9780672327476

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

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Table of contents


1. Making Fish Swim in the Multithreaded Aquarium

    Building the Aquarium

    Loading the Fish

    Moving Those Fish

    Double-Buffering the Drawing

    Creating the Fish

    Making the Fish Swim

    Drawing the Fish


2. Slapshot! The Interactive Hockey Game

    Creating the Rink

    Starting a Game

    Moving Those Pucks

    Getting the Pucks to Bounce Off Each Other

    How the Computer Blocks Pucks

    How the User Blocks Pucks

    Setting the Speed

    Creating the Pucks


3. The Graphicizer Image-Editing and Conversion Tool

    Creating the Graphicizer Window

    Opening an Image File

    Painting the Image

    Saving an Image File

    Embossing an Image

    Sharpening an Image

    Brightening an Image

    Blurring an Image

    Reducing an Image

    Undoing a Change


4. Creating Stunning Graphics with Painter

    Creating the Painter Window

    Handling Menu Selections

    Handling the Mouse


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