Koomen:Test Process Improvement_c, 1st edition

  • Tim Koomen
  • Martin Pol

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"If competitiveness is an issue in your market, IT will be vital, and this book will help you to deal with the problems it will bring along." Henk W Broeders, Executive Board, CAP Gemini

"I was introduced to TPI and suddenly the penny dropped...This was quite a revelation... I recommend that you try the ideas suggested in this book... use the TPI method to improve your test process." Stephen K Allott, Senior Consultant, ImagoQA Ltd

"The application of TPI enables us to raise our global testing organization to the next professional level. I am absolutely convinced that everybody using TPI in a similar way will experience the same added value." Dr Hans Voorthuyzen, Global Manager Product Testing Group, Baan

Software testing is an essential part of software development but many organizations regard it as an uncontrollable part of the process and find it difficult to take steps to improve it. In Test Process Improvement, Tim Koomen and Martin Pol give practical suggestions for improving the testing process in a gradual and controlled manner, with realistic goals in terms of quality, lead time and costs.

The book describes and explains the Test Process Improvement (TPI) model, tried and tested by numerous professional testers, which provides a structured framework to be used either for improving an existing test process or for developing a new process from scratch. The authors use their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to provide practical guidance and a framework that enables the reader to adapt the model for use in his/her organization.

If you are involved in testing software systems and are aiming to implement a successful and structured process, you will find this book an invaluable resource.

Table of contents

The scope of testing
Need for improvement
A model for test process improvement
The TPI model
Application of the TPI model
Appendix A TPI available on the Internet
Appendix B Summary of Tmap
Appendix C Test tools

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (April 30th 1999) - Copyright © 1999