LabVIEW for Electric Circuits, Machines, Drives, and Laboratories, 1st edition

  • Nesimi Ertugrul

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The first interactive, LabVIEW-based guide to electrical system analysis and operation.

For the first time, you can master electric circuits, machines, devices, and power electronics, hands on-without the use of expensive equipment. Using custom-written LabVIEW Virtual Instruments, Nesimi Ertugrul walks you through every key topic associated with the analysis and operation of a wide range of AC and DC circuits, electrical machines, and drives-including high-voltage/current/power applications covered in no other book. Ertugrul presents detailed background on every topic, along with full VI panels, complete laboratory practices, hardware information, wiring diagrams, printed circuit layouts, and self-study questions: everything you need to achieve true mastery.

  • Periodic waveforms, harmonics, equivalent circuits, and DC circuit analysis
  • AC circuit analysis, phasors, complex powers, power factor correction, and three-phase AC systems
  • Magnetic circuits, BH characteristics, and losses
  • Transformers, asynchronous motors, synchronous machines, stepper motors, brushless permanent magnet motors, and switched reluctance motors
  • Diode and SCR conduction, diode rectifiers, AC choppers, cycloconverters, and inverters
  • Advanced motor drives and control techniques

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with References.)


1. Introduction.

Some Features of Virtual Instruments. Hardware Suggestions.

2. Basic Definitions and DC Circuits.

Periodic Waveforms, and Average and RMS Values. Periodic Waveforms and Harmonics. DC Circuits. Thevenin's and Norton's Equivalent Circuits.

3. AC Circuits.

Fundamental Definitions. AC Circuit Analysis. Power and Power Triangles in AC Circuits. Power Factor Correction. Star-Delta and Delta-Star Conversion in Three-Phase AC Circuits. Voltage and Currents in Star- and Delta-Connected Loads. Voltage and Current Phasors in Three-Phase Systems. Power in Three-Phase AC Circuits. Three-Phase Power Measurement and Data Logging.

4. Magnetic Circuits and Measurements.

Background Information. Analysis of Magnetic Circuits. BH Characteristics and Losses. Measuring Magnetization Characteristics.

5. Electric Machines Laboratory.

Introduction. Determining Moment of Inertia. Losses in DC Motors. Electromechanical Device Experiment. Tests for AC Circuits. Transformer Test. Asynchronous (Induction) Motor Text. Synchronization Observer. Synchronous Machine Test.

6. Introduction to Power Electronics Circuits.

Diode Conduction. SCR Conduction. Three-Phase Half-Way Diode Rectifier. Single-Phase AC Chopper. Cycloconverters. PWM and Single-Phase Inverter (H-Bridge) Control Methods.

7. Simulation of Electrical Machines and Systems.

Rotating Field Simulation in AC Machines. Dynamic Simulation of Three-Phase Induction (Asynchronous) Motor. Dynamic Simulation of Brushless Permanent Magnet AC Motor Drives. Dynamic Simulation of Direct Current Motors. Simulation of Stepper Motors. Steering and Control of Four-Wheel Direct-Drive Electric Vehicles. Fault-Tolerant Motor Drive for Critical Applications.

8. Real-Time Control of Electrical Machines.

DC Motor Control. Stepper Motor Control. Brushless Trapezoidal PM Motor Control. Starting Wound-Rotor Asynchronous Motors. Switched Reluctance Motor Control.



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