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Language Development: An Introduction, 9th edition

  • Robert E. Owens
  • Jr.

Published by Pearson (January 15th 2015) - Copyright © 2016

9th edition

Language Development: An Introduction

ISBN-13: 9780133810363

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A best-selling, comprehensive, easy-to-understand introduction to language development.


This best-selling introduction to language development text offers a cohesive, easy-to-understand overview of all aspects of the subject, from syntax, morphology, and semantics, to phonology and pragmatics. Each idea and concept is explained in a way that is clear to even beginning students and then reinforced with outstanding pedagogical aids such as discussion questions, chapter objectives, reflections, and main point boxed features. The book looks at how children learn to communicate in general and in English specifically, while emphasizing individual patterns of communication development.


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Table of contents

Brief Contents

1.         The Territory

2.         Describing Language

3.         Neurological Bases of Speech and Language

4.         Cognitive, Perceptual and Motor Bases of Early Language and Speech

5.         The Social and Communicative Bases of Early Language and Speech

6.         Language-Learning and Teaching Processes and Young Children

7.         First Words and Word Combinations in Toddler Talk

8.         Preschool Pragmatic and Semantic Development

9.         Preschool Development of Language Form

10.        Early School-Age Language Development

11.        School-Age Literacy Development

12.        Adolescent and Adult Language


Appendix A: American English Speech Sounds

Appendix B: Major Racial and Ethnic Dialects of American English

Appendix C: Development Summary

Appendix D: Computing MLU

Appendix E: Background Grammar




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