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Learning Team Skills, 2nd edition

  • Arthur H. Bell
  • Dayle M. Smith

Published by Pearson (February 12th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

2nd edition

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Learning Team Skills (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132998758

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Table of contents


Chapter 1         Why Teams?

                        Teams and Buy-In

                        Teams and Censorship, Pro and Con

                        Teams and Cross-Training

                        Teams and Follow-Up Responsibilities

                        Teams and the Social Aspect of Enterprise


Chapter 2         Assessing Your Team Experience and Insights



Chapter 3         Building a Balanced Team

                        The Importance of Balance

                        Causes of Team Imbalance

                        How and When to Plan for Balance

                        The Limits of Personality Tests

                        Making the Most of Gender Balance

                        Characteristics of Men’s and Women’s Communication Habits


Chapter 4         Becoming a Team Member and a Team Leader

                        How to Know If Your Organization Needs Teams

                        Putting Together Your Case for a Team

                        A Sample Communication to Management Regarding Team Formation

                        Preparing for Team Membership

                        Preparing to Lead a Team


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