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Fully updated, revised, and expanded, the new edition of Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing reflects current and emerging influences of the law, legal issues, and ethical issues on nursing practice. It addresses the expanding autonomous roles of nurses at all levels of education and licensure, and in all settings. It also reflects innovative health care delivery models, as well as new federal and state laws, including the ACA. This edition’s new ethical scenarios more realistically integrate ethics with personal legal accountability, and encourage deeper reflection on connections between law and ethics. Popular features from previous editions are retained, including chapter previews, objectives, key terms, application exercises, guidelines, chapter summaries, and “You Be the Judge” features at the end of each chapter.

Table of contents

Part 1:  Introduction to the Law and the Judicial Process

            Chapter 1:  Legal Concepts and the Judicial Process

            Chapter 2:  Anatomy of a Lawsuit


Part 2:  Ethics

            Chapter 3:  Introduction to Ethics

            Chapter 4:  Application of Ethics in Nursing Practice Settings


Part 3:  Liability Issues

            Chapter 5:  Standards of Care

            Chapter 6:  Tort Law

            Chapter 7:  Nursing Liability:  Defenses

            Chapter 8:  Informed Consent and Patient Self-Determination

            Chapter 9:  Documentation and Confidentiality

            Chapter 10:  Professional Liability Insurance


Part 4:  Impact of the Law on the Professional Practice of Nursing

            Chapter 11:  Nurse Practice Acts, Licensure, and the Scope of Practice

            Chapter 12:  Advanced Nursing Practice Roles

            Chapter 13:  Corporate Liability Issues and Employment Laws

            Chapter 14:  Federal Laws:  The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Civil Rights Act of 1991

            Chapter 15:  Nursing Management and the Nurse-Managers

            Chapter 16:  Delegation and Supervision


Part 5:  Impact of the Law on Nursing in Selected Practice Settings

            Chapter 17:  Nursing in Acute Care Settings

            Chapter 18:  Nursing in Ambulatory and Managed Care Settings

            Chapter 19:  Public and Community Health Care

            Chapter 20:  Nursing in Long-Term Care Settings

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