Logics of American Foreign Policy: Theories of America's World Role, 1st edition

  • Patrick Callahan

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This engaging new book introduces American Foreign Policy through the presentation of the most important logics used in contemporary debates, emphasizes the six most important foreign policy logics competing to define U.S. foreign policy, and identifies the five traditions of American political culture.
Callahan first develops the concept of foreign policy logic, then places foreign policy arguments in a context of broader issues of U.S. purpose and of the historical development of foreign policy thinking. An objective presentation of ideals and theory allows a deeper understanding of debates, permitting the student to form an independent judgment of U.S. foreign policy.

Table of contents


1. The Logic of Hegemonism.

2. The Logic of Realism.

3. The Logic of Isolationism.

4. The Logic of Liberalism.

5. The Logic of Liberal Internationalism.

6. The Logic of Radical Anti-Imperialism.

7. Logics and Foreign Policy Discourse: The China and Kosovo Debates.

8. The Impact of September 11: A new foreign policy consensus?

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Published by Pearson (November 4th 2003) - Copyright © 2004