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Macroeconomics, 12th edition

  • Robert J Gordon

Published by Pearson (December 21st 2019) - Copyright © 2012

12th edition

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Macroeconomics (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780132831451

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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 What Is Macroeconomics?

1-1 How Macroeconomics Affects Our Everyday Lives

Global Economic Crisis Focus: What Makes It Unique?

1-2 Defining Macroeconomics

1-3 Actual and Natural Real GDP

1-4 Macroeconomics in the Short Run and Long Run

1-5 CASE STUDY: How Does the Global Economic Crisis Compare to Previous Business Cycles?

Global Economic Crisis Focus: How It Differs from 1982—83

1-6 Macroeconomics at the Extremes

1-7 Taming Business Cycles: Stabilization Policy

International Perspective: Differences Between the United States and Europe Before and During the Global Economic Crisis

Global Economic Crisis Focus: New Challenges for Monetary and Fiscal Policy

1-8 The “Internationalization” of Macroeconomics


CHAPTER 2 The Measurement of Income, Prices, and Unemployment

2-1 Why We Care About Income

2-2 The Circular Flow of Income and Expenditure

2-3 What GDP Is, and What GDP Is Not

[BOX]Where to Find the Numbers: A Guide to the Data

2-4 Components of Expenditure

Global Economic Crisis Focus: Which Component of GDP Declined the Most in the Global Economic Crisis?

2-5 The “Magic” Equation and the Twin Deficits

Global Economic Crisis Focus: Chicken or Egg in Recessions?

2-6 Where Does Household Income Come From?

2-7 Nominal GDP, Real GDP, and the GDP Deflator

[BOX] How to Calculate Inflation, Real GDP Growth, or Any Other Growth Rate

2-8 Measuring Unemployment

Understanding the Global Economic Crisis: The Ranks of the Hidden Unemployed

APPENDIX TO CHAPTER 2: How We Measure Real GDP and the Inflation Rate


CHAPTER 3 Income and Interest Rates: The Keynesian Cross Model and the IS Curve

3-1 Business Cycles and the Theory of Income Determination

Global Economic Crisis Focus: What Were the Shocks That Made the 2008­—09 Economic Crisis So Severe?

3-2 Income Determination, Unemployment, and the Price Level

3-3 Planned Expenditure

Global Economic Crisis Focus: Financial Market Instability as the Main Cause of the Global Economic Crisis

3-4 The Economy In and Out of Equilibrium

Understanding the Global Economic Crisis: How Changes in Wealth Influence Consumer Spending

3-5 The Multiplier Effect

3-6 Sources of Shifts in Planned Spending

3-7 How Can Monetary Policy Affect Planned Spending?

3-8 The Relation of Autonomous Planned Spending to the Interest Rate

Understanding the Global Economic Crisis: A Central Explanation of Business Cycles Is the Volatility of Investment

3-9 The IS Curve

3-10 Conclusion: The Missing Relation

[BOX] Learning About Diagr

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