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  • Norb Malik

Published by Pearson (January 30th 1995) - Copyright © 1995

1st edition


ISBN-13: 9780023749100

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

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  • an adaptable, text organization allows the instructor flexibility in topic selection and sequence without loss of continuity. Concepts are clearly motivated, developed in-depth and easily related to other concepts in the text.
  • SPICE simulation is integrated throughout the text, serving not only to verify hand analysis but also to help introduce and explain new concepts. This enables meaningful treatment of important topics too complex for simple mathematics.
  • elementary design concepts are an integral part of many discussions, examples, and problems. This sensible approach to design introduces the use of approximations to satisfy open-ended design specifications while avoiding complex examples that may intimidate students. Conventional analysis is usually followed by and discussion of how to use the equations in a design context.
  • describes BJT and FET circuits of similar topology side by side, noting similarities and differences to reinforce central concepts and aid retention. This allows the instructor to improve efficiency by emphasizing one in lecture material and the other in homework.
  • interspersed through the text are a number of pedagogical enhancements that make the coverage as lucid and manageable as possible.
    • special equivalent circuits that show loading effects and how difference and common-mode signals are processed for both single- and double-ended operation.

    • derivations for all classes of load lines are provided.

    • contains a filter chapter that eliminates unnecessary equations by applying scaling principles.

    • a simple model is used to directly analyze Schottky transistor circuits.

    • presents a discussion of mirroring signals and noise by current sources.

    • chapter summaries, case studies, discussion questions as well as a wealth of problems, worked examples and SPICE examples.

Table of contents

 1. Modeling and Signal Processing Principles.

 2. Operational Amplifier Circuits.

 3. Semiconductors, pn Junctions, and Diode Circuits.

 4. Bipolar Transistors.

 5. Field-Effect Transistors.

 6. Bias Circuits.

 7. Transistor Amplifiers.

 8. Frequency Response.

 9. Feedback Circuits Amplifiers.

10. Power Circuits and Systems.

11. Analog Integrated Circuits.

12. Filters.

13. Digital Logic Circuits.

14. Digital Memory, Interfacing, and Timing Principles.

Appendix A Spice Analysis.

Appendix B Two-Port Network Networks.

Appendix C SPICE Parameters for Bipolar Transistors.

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