Managing Career Transitions: Your Career As A Work In Progress, 2nd edition

  • Kit Harrington Hayes

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This book addresses the unique needs of recareering adults, providing them with a six-step model for the process of career transition. It addresses career planning issues relevant to today's rapidly changing and highly competitive market.KEY TOPICS: Provides readers with the “big picture” regarding basic economic principles, the global economy, and shifting market realities. Offers reader guidance on using the Web for career exploration. Information on preparing scannable resumes. Offers readers advice for those who may wish to research their own business opportunities. MARKET: An invaluable reference book for readers using this program.

Table of contents

 1. Retooling for Transition.

 2. Understanding the Career Development Process.

 3. Appreciating Your Uniqueness.

 4. Discovering Your Personality Type and Interests.

 5. Recognizing Your Skills and Abilities.

 6. Exploring Career Alternatives.

 7. Watching Economic Indicators and Market Trends.

 8. Making Tough Decisions.

 9. Setting and Achieving Goals.

10. Networking and Job Campaigning.

11. Presenting Your Candidacy.

12. Making a Contribution.

13. Starting Your Own Business.

14. Managing Your Career.




Published by Pearson (June 11th 1999) - Copyright © 2000