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Math Skills for Allied Health Careers, 1st edition

  • Daniel L. Timmons
  • Catherine W. Johnson

Published by Pearson (February 28th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

1st edition

Math Skills for Allied Health Careers

ISBN-13: 9780131713482

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

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MATH SKILLS FOR ALLIED HEALTH CAREERS provides students enrolled in two-year associate in arts health care programs with the solid foundation in math concepts needed for success in the field.  This book is written in easy-to-understand mathematical language so that students with limited experience in mathematics will be able to comprehend the concepts.  Clear understandable explanations are illustrated with numerous examples, and over two thousand practice and sample test problems provide students with a wealth of reinforcement opportunities.


Key Features Include:

  • Dosage calculations presented using ratio and proportions, formulas, and dimensional analysis methods.
  • Calculator lessons interspersed throughout the book
  • Chapter summaries and a list of key terms and formulas at the end of each chapter
  • Chapter reviews and practice tests with all answers provided at the back of the book
  • Problem sets with odd-numbered answers at the back of the book

Table of contents

1.      Basic Arithmetic Computations in Health Applications

2.      A Review of Algebra

3.      Systems of Measurement

4.      Medication Labels, Prescriptions, and Syringe Calculations

5.      Modeling Health Applications

6.      Calculations for Basic IV Therapy

7.      The Basics of Statistics

8.      Logarithms, Ionic Solutions, and pH

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