Mathematics for Business Applications, 2nd edition

  • Margaret E. MacLaughlin

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For courses in college-level Business Math.

The text provides students with explanations, examples, and exercises that will lead to an understanding and skill in performing calculations necessary in the world of business. The material covered will serve as a background course for many business subjects and present the student with the mathematical knowledge essential for consumer and personal use. The Second Edition has been heavily revised to make it more useful to today's students. It features new sections on fractions; word problems, an increased number of solved problems in core business areas, updated information on cost, data, and taxes.

Table of contents


1. Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers and Decimals.

Warm up on Basic Addition. Totaling by Tens. Totaling Larger Amounts. Totaling Decimal Numbers. Cross-Checking. Warm Up on Basic Subtraction. Negative Balances. Decimals in Subtraction. Calculating Balance. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

2. Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers and Decimals.

Warm up on Basic Multiplication. Long Multiplication. Decimals in Multiplication. Applications. Warm Up on Basic Division. Division of Whole Numbers. Division of Decimals. Applications. Cumulative Review. Cumulative Practice Test.


3. Addition and Subtraction of Common Fractions and Mixed Numbers.

Fractions as Parts of a Whole. Factors. Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms. Adding Fractions. Mixed Numbers. Subtraction. Applications. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

4. Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimals.

Multiplying Common Fractions. Multiplying Mixed Numbers. Dividing Common Fractions. Dividing Mixed Numbers. Decimal Fractions. Applications. Cumulative Review. Cumulative Practice Test.


5. Ratio and Proportion.

Ratio. Proportion. Using Ratio and Proportion. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

6. Percentage.

Expressing Percent as a Decimal Quantity. Finding the Percentage of a Number. Calculating Dollars and Cents. Calculating What Percent One Number Is of Another. Calculating Percent Increase or Decrease. Finding a Number When Percent and Percentage are Known. Cumulative Review. Cumulative Practice Test.


7. Banking, Credit, and Exchange Rates.

Bank Accounts. Bank Reconciliation. Borrowing from a Credit Union. Credit Accounts at Retail Stores. Exchange Rates. Carrying Funds to a Foreign Country. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

8. Home Ownership.

Cost of Buying a House. Real Property Tax. Property Insurance. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

9. Insurance and Federal Taxes.

Life Insurance. Automobile Insurance - Third Party Liability. Automobile Insurance - Collision. Federal Taxes: Goods and Services Taxes (GST). Income Tax. Filling in the Non-Refundable Tax Credits on a Tax Form. Cumulative Review. Cumulative Practice Test.


10. Payroll.

Gross Pay by the Hour. Gross Pay by the Unit. Pay by Commission. Brokerage. Payroll Deductions. Chapter Review. Practice Test

11. Discounts.

Retail Discounts. Cash Discounts. Trade Discounts. Single Discount Equivalent to a Series of Trade Discounts. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

12. Markup and Markdown.

Calculating Markup Based on Cost Price. Calculating Selling Price. Calculating Rate of Markup as a Percent of Cost Price. Calculating Cost Price Given Selling Price. Markup Calculated on Selling Price. Calculating Equivalent Rates. Calculating Markdown. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

13. Depreciation.

Straight Line Depreciation. Declining Balance Depreciation. Depreciation as an Income Tax Deduction. Depreciation by Units of Production. Depreciation by Service Hours. Depreciation by Sum-of -the-Years' Digits Method. Cumulative Review. Cumulative Practice Test.


14. Simple Interest.

Calculating Simple Interest. Calculating Time Between Given Dates. Calculating Simple Interest Between Dates. Calculating Amount. Calculating Principal. Calculating the Rate. Calculating the Present Value. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

15. Compound Interest.

Accumulated Interest. Daily Interest Accounts. Further Calculation of Amounts. Present Value. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

16. Annuities.

Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity. Finding the Annuity Payments that Accumulate to a Given Future Value. Present Value of an Annuity. Finding the Annuity Payments Given the Present Value. Amortization. Cumulative Review. Cumulative Practice Test.


17. Applications of Interest Calculations.

Demand Loans. Personal Installment Loans. Promissory Notes. Discounting a Promissory Note Carrying Compound Interest. Mortgages. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

18. Bonds.

General Description of a Bond. Purchase and Sale of Bonds. Bid Price. Yield. Debentures. Chapter Review. Practice Test.

19. Stocks.

General Description of a Share Stock. Buying and Selling Shares. Yield. Cumulative Review. Cumulative Practice Test.

Appendix 1: Table of Future Value of 1.

Appendix 2: Table of Present Value of 1.

Appendix 3: Table of Future Value of an Annuity of 1.

Appendix 4: Table of Present Value of an Annuity of 1.

Answers to Selected Exercises, Reviews, and Practice Tests.



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