Mathematics for Business Careers, 5th edition

  • Jack Cain
  • Robert A. Carman

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  • basic arithmetic as it applies to business skills!
  • accuracy in
    • bank records,
    • selling and buying transactions,
    • interest, loans, and taxes,
    • and more!

    Follow clear explanations and practice newly learned concepts on your own or with classroom support.

    • Numerous illustrations clarity concepts.
    • Steps for solving problems are highlighted.
    • Processes are carried out in sequence.
    • Cautions serve as an alert to common mistakes.

    For this new edition, sections on taxes and electronic banking have been revised and updated. Review problems and applications have also been updated to reflect current business practices.

Table of contents

 1. Whole Numbers.

 2. Fractions.

 3. Decimal Numbers.

 4. Percent.

 5. Bank Records.

 6. Payroll.

 7. The Mathematics of Buying.

 8. The Mathematics of Selling.

 9. Simple Interest.

10. Bank Discount Loans

11. More Complex Loans.

12. Compound Interest and Present Value.

13. Investments.

14. Real Estate Mathematics.

15. Inventory and Overhead.

16. Depreciation.

17. Insurance.

18. Financial Statement Analysis.

19. Statistics and Graphs.

Appendix A: The Electronic Calculator.

Appendix B: Metric System.

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Published by Pearson (July 24th 2000) - Copyright © 2001