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  5. Mechanical Principles and Systems for Industrial Maintenance

Mechanical Principles and Systems for Industrial Maintenance, 1st edition

  • Richard R. Knotek
  • Jon R. Stenerson

Published by Pearson (May 5th 2005) - Copyright © 2006

1st edition

Mechanical Principles and Systems for Industrial Maintenance

ISBN-13: 9780130494177

Includes: Paperback
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Intended for technicians who install, troubleshoot, and service mechanical and electrical equipment and systems, this new book/reference covers operating principles and system applications. This book will clearly review the identification, application, and maintenance of individual components and how they work together in a system. Focusing on troubleshooting, this book is designed to be a practical guide with a “systems approach.” Readers will understand specific equipment types and the entire system in which the equipment functions. KEY TOPICS: Predictive and preventative maintenance; lockout/tagout procedures; comprehensive coverage of lubricants and lubricating procedures; and the high-tech world of linear motion systems. MARKET: Technicians who work in manufacturing, transportation, construction, healthcare, and communications can all benefit from using this as a reference.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter begins with an Objectives and Introduction section and concludes with Questions.)


1. Maintenance Practices and Principles.


Training and Education.

Preventative Maintenance.

Documentation and Surveys.

Predictive Maintenance.


2. Safety.

Accident Defined.

Causes of Accidents.

Accident Prevention.

Safe Use of Lab Equipment and Hand Tools.

Overview of Lockout/Tagout.

Lockout Requirements.



Sample Lockout Procedure.


3. Mechanical Power Transmission Fundamentals.





Acceleration and Deceleration.

Angular Speed, Rotational Distance, and Velocity.

Radius of Gyration and Rotational Inertia–WR2.


Mechanical Advantage.

Basic Machines.





Load Classifications.

Service Factor.


Overhung Load.


4. Lubrication.

Lubrication Fundamentals.

Lubrication Terminology.

Lubricant Additives.

Lubricant Film.

Industrial Lubricating Oils.

Industrial Lubricating Greases.

Grease Terminology.

Dry Film Lubricants.

Lubricant Compatibility.

Lubricant Delivery Systems.

Lubrication Handling and Safety.


5. Rigging.


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