Microcomputer Engineering, 3rd edition

  • Gene H. Miller

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This complete book and laboratory manual focuses on microcomputers and microprocessors used as control devices (e.g., the Motorola 68HC11). It includes extensive material on using the Motorola M6HC11EVB and M68HC11EBU Trainers and encourages hands-on learning. KEY TOPICS Specific chapter topics cover computer fundamentals, instruction subset and machine language, assemblers and assembly language, program structure and design, advanced assembly language programming, hardware, advanced 68HC11 hardware, real-time operating systems, and real-time system design. MARKET: For individuals studying, for the first time, microcomputers/microcontrollers.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter includes end-of-chapter exercises and a review.)

1. Computer Fundamentals.

2. Instruction Subset and Machine Language.

3. Assemblers and Assembly Language.

4. Program Structure and Design.

5. Advanced Assembly Language Programming.

6. Hardware.

7. Advanced 68HC11 Hardware.

8. Real-time Operating Systems.

9. Real-time System Design.

Appendix A. The 68HC11 Instruction Set.

Appendix B. Hardware Control Registers.

Appendix C. The Motorola M68HC11EVB, EVBU, and EVBU2 Microcomputer Trainers.

Appendix D. Answers to Selected Exercises.

General Index.

Published by Pearson (August 12th 2003) - Copyright © 2004