Microwave Transistor Amplifiers: Analysis and Design, 2nd edition

  • Guillermo Gonzalez

Microwave Transistor Amplifiers: Analysis and Design

ISBN-13:  9780132543354

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A unified presentation of the analysis and design of microwave transistor amplifiers (and oscillators) — using scattering parameters techniques.


  • A clear and straightforward presentation designed to be comprehensive. A self-contained book.
  • Examples based on practical designs.
  • Over 300 figures, 153 problems, and 14 appendices.


  • NEW—Presents material on: transmission-lines concepts; power waves and generalized scattering parameters; measurements of scattering parameters; bipolar and field-effect transistors; power gain expressions; constant VSWR circles; gain, noise, and VSWR design trade offs; broadband amplifiers, high-power amplifiers; oscillator theory, and DROs.
  • NEW—A new appendix using CAD methods.
  • NEW—A 65% increase in the number of problems and figures.

Table of contents


1. Representations of Two-Port Networks.

2. Matching Networks and Signal Flow Graphs.

3. Microwave Transistor Amplifier Design.

4. Noise, Broadband, and High-Power Design Methods.

5. Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design.

Appendix: Computer-Aided Designs.

Appendix A: A. 1. Circle Equations: Bilinear Transformation, A. 2. Derivation of the Input and Output Stability Circles.

Appendix B: Stability Conditions.

Appendix C: Unconditional Stability Conditions.

Appendix D: Derivation of the Unilateral Constant- Gain Circles.

Appendix E: E. 1. Analysis of (3.65) and (3.6.6) for ..., E. 2. Condition for a Simultaneous Conjugate Match.

Appendix F: Derivation of Gt, max.

Appendix G: Derivation of the Constant Operating Power-Gain Circles.

Appendix H: Expressions for ml.

Appendix I: Constant VSWR Circles.

Appendix J: Mapping of Circles.

Appendix K: Noise Concepts.

Appendix L: Noise Figure of an Amplifier,

Appendix M: Conditions for a Stable Oscilllation.


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