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Modern Control Theory, 3rd edition

  • William L. Brogan

Published by Pearson (October 1st 1990) - Copyright © 1991

3rd edition

Modern Control Theory

ISBN-13: 9780135897638

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  • Paperback

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Table of contents

 1. Background and Preview.

 2. Highlights of Classical Control Theory.

 3. State Variables and the State Space Description of Dynamic Systems.

 4. Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra.

 5. Vectors and Linear Vector Spaces.

 6. Simultaneous Linear Equations.

 7. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.

 8. Functions of Square Matrices and the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem.

 9. Analysis of Continuous and Discrete Time State Equations.

10. Stability.

11. Controllability and Observability for Linear Systems.

12. The Relationship between State Variable and Transfer Function Descriptions of Systems.

13. Design of Linear Feedback Control Systems.

14. An Introduction to Optimal Control Theory.

15. An Introduction to Nonlinear Control Systems.

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