Multirate Systems And Filter Banks, 1st edition

  • P P. Vaidyanathanm

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Multirate signal processing has recently witnessed a great deal of activity, with a wide range of applications in signal coding and compression, in image processing, multiresolution and wavelet analysis. Multirate Systems and Filter Banks is a completely up-to-date and in-depth treatment of the fundamentals as well as recent advancements in this field. This is a self-contained text providing both theoretical developments and design tools.

The book will form a basis for graduate courses in multitrate signal processing. Its encyclopedic nature also makes it a unique reference for researchers. The design methods and examples provide a valuable source of information for the practicing professional.


  • Review of discrete-time systems and digital filters
  • Multirate signal processing fundamentals
  • Multirate filter banks and perfect reconstruction systems
  • Paraunitary filter banks
  • Extended lapped orthogonal transforms
  • Roundoff noise analysis
  • Wavelet transforms and relation to multirate filter banks
  • Multidimensional multirate systems
  • Review of multi-input multi-output systems
  • Detailed study of paraunitary systems
  • Five appendices on topics such as subband quantization, transform coding, spectral factorization, matrix theory, and random processes.

The text contains over 400 illustrations. There are many well-chosen examples and design-examples, and over 300 problems to be solved.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction

 2. Review of Discrete-Time Systems

 3. Review of Digital Filters

 4. Fundamentals of Multirate Systems

 5. Maximally Decimated Filter Banks

 6. Paraunitary Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks

 7. Linear Phase Perfect Reconstruction QMF Banks

 8. Cosine Modulated Filter Banks

 9. Finite Word Length Effects

10. Multirate Filter Bank Theory and Related Topics

11. The Wavelet Transform and Relation to Multirate Filter Banks

12. Multidimensional Multirate Systems

13. Review of Discrete-Time Multi-Input Multi-Output LTI Systems

14. Paraunitary and Lossless Systems




Published by Pearson (September 21st 1992) - Copyright © 1993