Nursing Leadership and Management, 1st edition

  • Alice Gaudine
  • Marianne Lamb

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The text was written as a Canadian introduction to nursing leadership and management for undergraduate nursing students at the upper year level. The four main themes that run throughout this text are patient safety; communication in leadership; critical thinking, and research. The text focuses on issues that affect nurses working in the Canadian health care system including workplace bullying and burnout, and features case studies and self-quiz questions and more.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Leadership in Health Care

Chapter 2 - Healthcare Management and the Canadian Context

Chapter 3 - Organizational Power and Politics

Chapter 4 - Change and Culture

Chapter 5 - Decision-making and Management of Work Flow

Chapter 6 - Nursing Workforce Issues: Recruitment and Retention, Selection, Socialization, and Transitioning

Chapter 7 - Motivation and Performance

Chapter 8 - Nursing Roles and Nurse Staffing

Chapter 9 - Quality of Work Life Issues

Chapter 10 - Team Building and Managing Conflict

Chapter 11 - Quality Improvement

Chapter 12 - Diversity in Health Care Organizations

Chapter 13 - Financial Leadership and Accountabilty in Nursing

Chapter 14 - Ethical Leadership and the Context for Ethical Practice in Health Care Organizations


Appendix - Answer Key


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