Optics and Vision, 1st edition

  • Leno S. Pedrotti
  • SJ L. Pedrotti

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This applications-oriented book covers a variety of interrelated topics under the study of optics. For physics and engineering, it covers lasers and fiber optics, emphasizing applications to the optics of vision. For optometry, it discusses the optics of the eye, geometrical optics, interference, diffraction, and polarization. KEY TOPICS: Emphasizing the optics of vision, the book presents a vital and interesting applications of optical principles. It also includes several specialized sections on vision: a history of vision and spectacles; the use of vergences to handle refraction of the eye; the use of vergence to handle errors in refraction of the eye; optics of cyndrical lenses and application to astigmatism; aberrations in vision; structures and optical models of the eye; and the use of lasers in therapy for ocular defects. MARKET: A valuable reference on optics for professional optometrists, physicists, and engineers.

Table of contents

List of Tables.

Physical Constants.

 1. Light and Vision — A Historical Perspective.

 2. Production and Measurement of Light.

 3. Geometrical Optics.

 4. The Thick Lens.

 5. Vergence and Vision.

 6. Cylindrical Lenses and Astigmatism.

 7. Aberration Theory.

 8. Controlling Light through Optical Systems.

 9. Optical Instrumentation.

10. Optics of the Eye.

11. Light as Waves.

12. Lasers and the Eye.

13. Interference Phenomena.

14. Interference Applications.

15. Polarized Light.

16. Fraunhofer Diffraction.

17. Fiber Optics.

Answers to Selected Problems.


Published by Pearson (October 22nd 1997) - Copyright © 1998