Patternmaking and Grading Using Gerber's AccuMark Pattern Design Software, 1st edition

  • Michele Lininger


An industry-focused guide to patternmaking with Gerber AccuMark software.


Patternmaking and Grading: Using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design, 1/e examines every aspect of patternmaking and grading using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design software and hones in on the job responsibilities often assigned to apparel patternmakers and graders. Rather than focus solely on software commands, the text incorporates invaluable insight gained from the author’s extensive experience as an industry insider. Lessons, exercises, and quizzes focus not only on teaching the software, but also on preparing students to be successful industry professionals. Chapters cover all aspects of patternmaking, including pattern creation, drafting, digitizing, plotting, knockoffs, data conversion, spec sheets, and costing markers.


Teaching and Learning Experience


Patternmaking and Grading has been designed to be the most effective and robust text on the market. It provides:

  • Robust, current content: Lininger offers up-to-date content referencing the most recent software and industry practices.
  • Chapters designed for learning: Logical organization and effective chapter features help students truly master chapter material.
  • Downloadable pattern data: Sample patterns and templates help students practice in-text procedures.
  • A truly customizable resource: Instructors can customize the text to best suit their individual needs.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - AccuMark                                   

Chapter 2 - Pattern Design System

Chapter 3 - Creating Models 

Chapter 4 - Creating Pieces, Creating Styles

Chapter 5 - Pattern Input through Digitizing

Chapter 6 - Pattern Input through Draft

Chapter 7 - Plotting

Chapter 8 - Measure   

Chapter 9 - Point

Chapter 10 - Editing Attributes and Internal Labels

Chapter 11 - Line Menu

Chapter 12 - Line Menu

Chapter 13 - Piece Menu

Chapter 14 - Modifying Pieces

Chapter 15 - Grading

Chapter 16 - Finishing Touches

Chapter 17 - Production Ready


Appendix A



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